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What Doez Anithing Mean, Baiscly?

What Doez Anithing Mean, Baiscly?

Jan 12, 2008, 12:49 PM 9

uhh, i'm a hippee dued and i listein to reely cool crap like almend brothirs and doobie bruthirs and skynerd man.  that crap rokcs dueds. 

i used to carry on about how the govervinment is corupt cuause it was trendie and stuff.  I complaned about everthin but nevir had any sollutions man.   I just liked to maeke myself look cool or smeart by verbelly defficating all thats wrong withe everthign and everyone... like a 60's or 70's hippey man.  i protessted stuff just for the sake of protestin.   i liked the attension.  if a far out foxy lady said no-nukes, then so did lenny dueds.  if a sexy mama said orgainic only, then lenny ate organic only man..  catch my drift?

But, times hav changid dueds.  King Lenny is ovir 50 and now, some thigns needs to meen somethin, man.  you dig my vibes, dueds?  its aboet purpis and substince.  ok?

 uh, i'll thinke of some more crap lator man...  ovir and out chess dueds.

p.s.  are ahny of you dueds cool enouf to nkow wheir my blog titel comes from dueds?  the ansir will surpries you.  it's not hippey normal dueds.

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