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Opening Bomb Diary #2 Cutting-Edge KID

Opening Bomb Diary #2 Cutting-Edge KID

Apr 17, 2017, 7:34 AM 6

The King's Indian Defense has had a history drawn in blood, with some of the most beautiful and frenzied sacrificial attacks on opposite flanks ever since Bronstein revived the opening over half a century ago. There is no room for doubt in the KID; to play it well one needs fighting spirit and the willingness to exert huge amounts of energy, and of course the willingness to die by the sword.


The perplexing thing about the KID is that modern computers still "malfunction" in the attacking lines on opposite flanks, showing many times an almost winning advantage for white, when he might just be lost! It seems that the KID still has not given up its deepest secrets...



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