Why GM Joey So Popular In Chess.com? Here's Why.

Jul 10, 2015, 11:50 PM |

I think its because Chess.com created the situation that makes him popular.


Well, since the website made decision with some changes with chatroom setting, I think people got confuse where can they can make friends in here. People in website no longer find a place (or at least harder to find a place to talk). And then here comes a GM from Philippine. Rogelio Antonio Jr. Fillipino chess grandmaster who got his title in 1993.

Of course he's not as famous as Kasparov, Fisher, Magnus Carlsen, or Indian's Adnand. But he got something that make him an idol in here.

How's that happen?

Its simple, its because he's online a lot. We can easily get into his game from the top game match. Some of his fans even said, "some say he doesn't sleep", or "I never get into live chess without find joey playing." We can find jokes like that in his in game chatroom.

When people find it difficult to makes friend here, they gather together at his chatroom to find something intersting, whether its for the game or just talking about politic, religion, and whatever.. ~

Other factors are, some people attracted with his game and performance. No doubt that with his tittle provide some entertaining game. For some beginers, it will be delightful to learn from him by watching.

Like I said, of course there are many bigger talent than him. But his consistency and passion to chess make him famous with many followers. 

How about Hikaru? Yeah, he's online sometimes. Magnus Carlsen? Forget him. I've never seen him here anyway. So that's make sense for many people adore him so much. Because Joey close to them, be there for them with his entertaining games.

Joey's haters are exist. Who are they?

They are people who don't like him. Not for real, but, They just don't like him. :3

Such as another tittled player who envy with him why Joey's got many fans than themselves. : P

Or maybe just like me. I was a joey haters myself and I hated him so much. But it doesn't mean for real. I was just enjoy some sarcasm to troll with his fan boy to pissed them off :D

Now, I understand why this is happening. People in there are bonding each other. From a chatroom become a friend. (Mostly Joey's fan are friends to each other). Even sometimes nonsense talks still happening (called Joey's chatroom syndrome) but, who cares.