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Knight forks at the Coffeehouse

Knight forks at the Coffeehouse

Apr 3, 2008, 5:16 AM 24

The Knight's unique movement makes it an ideal piece for double attacks. New players are often introduced to this idea quite rudely when they get their rooks forked with a monarch or perhaps a fork of the king and queen. The simple forks fade as the quality of play increases, but sometimes it just takes a little more ingenuity to use the fork effectively. Here are a few examples from the local coffeehouse.


In this game I played white and I've just taken another pawn on h7. I believed my extra pawns would be enough to win. Unfortunately I moved with a bit too much haste. As I looked at the position, I realized my opponent had a winning combination! The longer he thought the more I was sure he would find the winning line, until suprisingly, he resigned! Can you find how black wins? 


The second example is a game I observed. Black has the opportunity to win material if he finds the right knight fork.


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