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The Joseph Treulson Rant (its just a prank eks dee)
Joseph Truelson taking MY first place North American Open trophy.

The Joseph Treulson Rant (its just a prank eks dee)

Nov 2, 2017, 11:03 PM 5

 I CANNOT describe to you enough how annoying this immature kid is. I remember a time when SCC, or chess clubs in the Seattle area in general, used to actually be QUIET. I'd see a bunch of little kids focusing on their chess games,  having fun and all. Until HE came along. He started saying this catchphrase that sounds like a tiger that's crying for help. "RAR" or whatever it is. He basically brainwashed his "prodigies" into thinking he's a deity, when in reality he just every so often tries to make a 'RAR burger' in Burger King, getting paid like $10/hr. Additionally, during the KingCo tournament, I was playing Mercer Island board four, and I was up a piece, until he came, looked over my board, and started saying "RAR Attack", and thanks to his obnoxious catchphrase, our team couldn't make it to state last year. Now he's moved to the Newport A team, and since Im the same board number as him in a different school, I have to unfortunately play him sometime during KingCo (I can TOTALLY beat him, I just don't want to play him).  And btw, his foundation is a joke, I donated for it out of pity (JK don't have a credit card sad.png ).  And this concludes why I want to edit the blogs for Joseph Truelson, and also become his advisor.

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