Never move your king forward or how natural moves can hurt.

GM LuckyTiger
Mar 9, 2011, 9:47 AM |

In the recent tournament I played two very similar games. In round 1 I lost because of incorrect move by the king. But in round 2 my opponent repeated my mistake. Even squares of mistake are similar: g6-f8 vs. f6-g8. Let me show. 


And now second round. 
Why did I show this? I just wanted to tell you that in chess there is no place for such natural moves like King forward. All moves should be explained with some logic. Otherwise you are under risk to lose like Black did in these two games.
At the end, I want to show two famous puzzles where unnatural moves by king save the game.
If you want to solve them yourself, you are welcome. If not, solutions will be later...