Opening directories

GM LuckyTiger
Oct 27, 2010, 12:35 PM |

I guess, every of you had problems with selecting of material to study some new or old opening line. Although there are a lot of computer programms, books, videos, DVD's with materials about theoretical lines it's not easy to learn them. 

I guess there is no necessity to study openings very deeply on the level up to 2400+. Opening is just one out of three parts of the chess game. Advantage there does not guarantee you win at the end. And on the contrary, worse position can be won by powerful middlegame and endgame play. So, my feeling is that it's enough to know main lines + a few main ideas in the middlegame. How big such file can be? Just a few KB's instead of many sources.

Once I was asked by my student to prepare one line in french for him. Then I was asked by another one about different line. For now I have a good collection (around 25 opening lines; some are bigger and some are more primitive) and continue to increase it. 

If you are interested to have similar file for your favourite openings just leave me the message with you require. Maybe I already have such file (it will cost less of course). If not - I need to prepare it especially for you and it's supposed to be a bit more expensive. Discounts are guaranteed for big orders!

And one more thing. I don't stop my assistance after payment is done. Explanations about provided material are being offered.