Draw Close to Jehovah  God invites you to draw close to him. This book will show you from the Bible

Draw Close to Jehovah God invites you to draw close to him. This book will show you from the Bible

Oct 6, 2017, 3:23 AM |

Draw Close to Jehovah

God invites you to draw close to him. This book will show you from the Bible how to do just that.



You can forge a bond with Jehovah God that will never be broken.

Moses kneels and covers his face at the burning bush


“Look! This Is Our God”

Why did Moses ask about God’s name when he already knew what it was?

A woman using the Bible to help her draw close to Jehovah God


Can You Really “Draw Close to God”?

Jehovah God, the Creator of heaven and earth, gives us an invitation and a promise.

A beautiful scene of nature: clean air, pure water, clear sky


“Holy, Holy, Holy Is Jehovah”

Why does the Bible link holiness with beauty?

Elijah watches a demonstration of Almighty God’s great power


“Jehovah Is . . . Great in Power”

Should God’s power make us fear him? Both yes and no are correct answers.

The powerful sun


Creative Power—“The Maker of Heaven and Earth”

From our massive sun to a tiny hummingbird, God’s creation can teach us something important about him.

Jehovah God destroys haughty Pharaoh and the Egyptian army in the Red Sea


Destructive Power—“Jehovah Is a Manly Person of War”

How can the “God of peace” carry out divine warfare?

A shepherd holding a little lamb tenderly in the security of his bosom


Protective Power—“God Is for Us a Refuge”

God protects his servants in two ways, but one is by far the more important.

A widow joyfully embraces her resurrected little boy.


Restorative Power—Jehovah Is “Making All Things New”

Jehovah has already restored pure worship. What will he restore in the future?

Christ’s disciples watch in amazement from their boat as Jesus walks across the stormy Sea of Galilee.


“Christ the Power of God”

What do Jesus Christ’s miracles and teachings show about Jehovah?

Two Christians sharing the good news with a woman at her home


“Become Imitators of God” in Your Use of Power

You may have more power than you realize—how can you use it properly?

Joseph as a bound prisoner among others in a dungeon


“All His Ways Are Justice”

How is God’s justice an endearing quality?

Lot’s wife became a pillar of salt. Lot and his daughters arrive safely at Zoar. Fire from heaven destroys Sodom and Gomorrah.


“Is There Injustice With God?”

If Jehovah hates injustice, why is the world filled with it?

Moses descends the mountain holding two stone tablets containing the ten commandments.


“The Law of Jehovah Is Perfect”

How can a legal system promote love?

Jesus willingly giving his life as the ransom sacrifice to balance the scales of God’s perfect justice


Jehovah Provides “a Ransom in Exchange for Many”

A simple yet profound teaching can help you draw closer to God.

Jesus overturning the table of money changers, ordering them to take their commercial business out of the temple area


Jesus “Sets Justice in the Earth”

How did Jesus advance justice in the past? How is he doing it now? And how will he establish justice in the future?

Two congregation elders visit a sister and her two children to provide encouragement


“Exercise Justice” in Walking With God

Why did Jesus warn: “Stop judging that you may not be judged”?


“Wise In Heart”

Instinctive wisdom in God’s animal creatures: a goose migrating


“O the Depth of God’s . . . Wisdom!”

Why is God’s wisdom superior to even his own knowledge, understanding, and discernment?

A human writer is guided by holy spirit to pen a Bible book


Wisdom in “the Word of God”

Why did God use humans to write the Bible rather than using angels or producing it himself?

Abraham gazes up at the countless stars in the heavens


“God’s Wisdom in a Sacred Secret”

What is the sacred secret that God once hid but now has revealed?

A father is down at his son’s level, speaking mildly with him


“Wise in Heart”—Yet Humble

How can the Sovereign Lord of the universe be humble?

Jesus’ followers listen to his words of wisdom in the Sermon on the Mount


Jesus Reveals the “Wisdom From God”

How did Jesus’ teaching cause soldiers sent to arrest him to return empty-handed?

A woman studying the Bible and Bible-based publications to acquire godly wisdom


Is “the Wisdom From Above” at Work in Your Life?

The Bible describes four keys that can help you to develop godly wisdom.


“God Is Love”

The death of Jesus Christ by execution on an upright stake


“He First Loved Us”

What does the statement “God is love” really mean?

A sad woman with tears running down her face


Nothing Can “Separate Us From God’s Love”

Overturn the lie that you are unlovable or worthless to God.

A mother compassionately holds and watches over her baby


“The Tender Compassion of Our God”

How are God’s feelings for you like those of a mother for her baby?

A man praying earnestly to Jehovah God


A God Who Is “Ready to Forgive”

If God remembers everything, how can he forgive and forget?

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