Good News From God!

Good News From God!

May 23, 2017, 11:28 AM |

What is the good news from God? Why can we believe it? This brochure answers common Bible questions.

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How to Benefit From This Brochure

This brochure will help you to learn directly from God’s Word, the Bible. See how you can use your own Bible to locate scripture references.

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What Is the Good News?

Learn what the news from God is, why it is urgent, and what you should do.

God’s name, Jehovah, in different languages

Who Is God?

Does God have a name and does he care about us?

Various copies of the Bible and ancient Bible writings

Is the Good News Really From God?

How can we be sure that the Bible’s message is true?

Jesus ruling as King in heaven

Who Is Jesus Christ?

Learn why Jesus died, what the ransom is, and what Jesus is doing now.

People building houses on a restored paradise earth

What Is God’s Purpose for the Earth?

The Bible explains why God created the earth, when suffering will end, and what the future holds for the earth and those who live on it.

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What Hope Is There for the Dead?

What happens to us when we die? Will we ever see our dead loved ones again?

Jesus as King of God’s Kingdom

What Is God’s Kingdom?

Who is the King of God’s Kingdom, and what will the Kingdom accomplish?

Scenes of war

Why Does God Allow Evil and Suffering?

How did evil begin, and why has God allowed it to continue? Will there ever be an end to suffering?

A happy husband and wife

How Can Your Family Be Happy?

Jehovah, the happy God, wants families to be happy. Discover the Bible’s practical advice for husbands, wives, parents, and children.

A religious leader speaking in church

How Can You Recognize True Worship?

Is there only one true religion? Consider five identifying marks of true worship.

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How Do Bible Principles Benefit Us?

Jesus explained why we need guidance and what two Biblical principles are of prime importance.

People reading the Bible at a Christian meeting

How Can You Draw Close to God?

Find out whether God listens to all prayers, how we should pray, and what else we can do to draw close to God.

A man reading the Holy Bible

What Is the Good News About Religion?

Will there ever be a time when everyone is united in worshipping the only true God?

First-century Christians preaching

Why Does God Have an Organization?

The Bible tells why and how true Christians are organized.

A woman praying to God

Why Should You Continue?

How could your knowledge of God and his Word benefit others? What relationship with God can you enjoy?