Chess Quiz

Chess Quiz

Aug 25, 2016, 2:16 PM |

Hello everyone. This is a simple 10 question chess quiz for all levels of players. They get progressively more difficult. The answers will be posted on a separate post, so it is preferable is you open this one first.


  1. How many squares are on a chess board?
  2. How many pieces are in a standard chess set?
  3. How many queens can be on the board at once?
  4. What is a stalemate?
  5. What is it called when a player has very little time left, and is making moves as fast as possible?
  6. How many special attributes does a pawn have?
  7. What is the highest amount of squares a queen can have to move? (open ranks, files and diagonals)
  8. What move/s affect 3 or more squares?
  9. How many queen/s does a tournament chess set come with?
  10. What year was the digital chess clock introduced?


Thanks for reading and please don't post answers at the bottom of the page.