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End Game Strategies

End Game Strategies

Aug 5, 2016, 2:08 PM 1

Hello everyone. This is a list of some of the normal end game tactics. I have also posted mid game and opening tactics. This is meant mostly for beginners, but anyone can read it if they want to.


In the endgame, the king has the role of an attacker, and it's best when helping to promote a pawn. If you manage to retain a queen, pt probably gives you some advantage over your opponent (if they don't have one), and at least gives a chance of a perpetual if things don't go your way. Rooks are often the last pieces to go into action, and are commonly seen it the endgame. A rook on the 7th rank is also very strong, if the king is on the 8th. With opposite coloured bishops, the game is usually drawn. The powers of the knight are limited, as there are limited pieces on the board, and its signature power is useless. In the end game, pawns can be some of the most valuable pieces on the board, due to their promotion attribute, as they often decide which player wins. Normally the first player to queen wins the game.


Thanks for reading, and if you have any more suggestions, post them at the bottom of this page.





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