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Sicilian Defence: Pros and Cons

Sicilian Defence: Pros and Cons

Aug 17, 2016, 11:15 PM 1

Hello everyone. This is a post about the Sicilian Defence. The Sicilian Defence is the most popular of all chess openings. Almost a quarter of all chess games begin with the Sicilian Defence. Its defining moves are: 1. e4  c5.


One of the reasons why Sicilian Defence is the most popular and well-recognised openings is because it establishes asymmetry at once, as the normal response to 1. e4  is 1 ... e5. The Sicilian Defence also controls one of the central squares (d4). Advancing a queenside pawn gives black a spatial advantage, and 1. ...  c5 is often followed by a number of pawn moves, increasing attacking chances.


Some problems with Sicilian Defence are that it gives white substantial attacking chances early on in the game. It also gives white a lead in development and an early initiative. It also increases white's control and occupation of the centre, which can lead to limited manoeuvrability for black's pieces.


Let me know what you think of this post and any other ideas for openings. I may be following up with Kings Indian Defence and Queens Gambit.





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