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Hi i would like to tell members about the World-Stars Empire groups we have three all together in this group and il give you a run down of each group for those who dont know about us Laughing.


This is the main group we have a great bunch of members in this group. We play plenty of team matches against other groups and country team also, plus we play vote chess here also and enjoy great team work in our matches. Plus we hold regular Tournaments for the group to enjoy and all the tourneys fill quickly to as we are an active group. We also have fun forums and daily puzzles to for the members to use and have fun and not forgeting our great admins who will welcome you and answer any questions you may have about World Stars so enjoy this group

World-Stars B team

This is a group for lower rated members to use and help with their chess with helpfull forums and data bases they can use to polish up on their chess. We play plenty of team and vote chess matches here and we make sure every one has a game to suit their rating to make thing fair for them also we hold a tourney to for the group to enjoy and play against each other.We have great admins in this group who welcome all new members and also answer any questions they may have about the group or what team matches are coming up so take a look at this group to Laughing


What can i say the name says it all we have a great group of players here and great vote chess captains/admins to who make new matches all the time for the group to enjoy plus we are really active here and welcome all to the group. If your new to vote chess or play all the time you are most welcome what ever your rating or group we welcome all to this group so come and join in the fun

Ok these are the links for the groups there is a groups for everyone here so please check these groups and take your pick and enjoy them.

Plus we need another great Admin for our groups who can send invites and help out in the three groups so if your active and can help us let us know we consider all requests.

thanks for reading this blogCool

Malvinstdust SA founder of world stars and  T.C.N co founder

plus all our other admins and members