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cheater cheater pumkin eater

Aug 26, 2009, 12:44 PM 2

well here we are again,about the cheating thing....okay one thing most of these people are just plain STUPID!!! one you go from  a very low rating too like an expert overnite !?? and you dont play tournaments !??okay thats number one, in a discussion of your game you have noooo idea of what you did and you can't explain it ??? some are very young and that in itself is a give away...they would be like gifted....again no OTB play i myself have suspect people playing against me with aids,thats okay i lose,nothing but points...and  i do learn from that the game,that is....i do like to chat while i am playing no trash talk just small talk,about the game etc...i dont mind telling you my intent as you should  or have an idea of what i am up to...when the  other side has no clue you know something is up.the other thing is people wit the skimpy  or no outfits,people this is chess.com not 'voyeurs r us' !! anyway that is another subject....hmmm just a thought what if they had like bounty points for people who could  ferret out these cheats....a thought, but would that be unleashing a group of 'witch hunters'  maybe not so good,would turn out ugly given the human experince of history......well that is off my chest and i leave up to you chess.com to do your best....how do they catch them anyway?????

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