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computer cheaters

Sep 19, 2008, 11:00 AM 3

i read alot about people who use computers as an unfair aid in playing chess?! well i for one am not worried or even care,why, well, while my opponent is using an ''aid''to guide his or her moves,he or she is not bettering his or her game and while i ''may'' lose the game ,my game got better,while my opponent really did not benefit at all from the game and in the real sense lost .if you take it as a game for the satisfaction of playing[and meeting interesting people] you get the full measure of the game,so bring on the cheaters and sand baggers!!! in the end as they say ''cheaters never prosper''[unless your bill gates,president bush...but then that's another theme]  and as that GREAT AMERICAN bard once said,''i pity da fool!!''

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