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66.6 hours of Tactics Trainer Later

66.6 hours of Tactics Trainer Later

May 23, 2015, 6:39 AM 9

By pure coincidence I just noticed that i have apparently done 66.6 hours of tactics trainer, starting March 15th last year and going through until now. 6227 puzzles and 66.6 hours of my life later I I am consistently hovering around the 1600-1700 range, trying to make that next jump up to being consistently in the 1700-1800 range.

I have several bad habits, like doing Tactics Trainer drunk and doing it half asleep. But in some way this also motivates me, when I wake up and I'm like "What was I thinking..I better fix that..." I just end up doing more puzzles. On the other hand, my drunken bullet and blitz ratings are as terrible as you would expect. I did notice that playing 2|1 made me a lot stronger at the 5 minute time controls though. 5 minutes actually feels slow now... I used to be in a constant panic.

Mainly leaving this note as a reminder to myself of my progress after a year. If anyone happens to read this for whatever reason, feel free to share your own experiences with tactics trainer and your own tactical improvement.

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