1000 Bright Minds (with IM Atilla Turzo) & blitz


Before I start writing, we must know, that to beat IM, who plays 700 other games at the same time, is not so big achievement as if you are eyeball to eyeball with him. 

When we started the simultaneous exhibition, I was rated about 1600 or 1650, which was, obviously, not my "real" rang. I played (even now) a lot of blitz games (3|2) with my friend in reality. Maybe it made (makes) me better. I will post one at the end. 

What's the point? He knows what openings I usually play. However, after first move, I need to go on vacation for a week. But my friend offered me to move against IM, in order not to using my 'vacation-time'. 

When I came back, the position was like that:

I had no idea how to play that. So I tried to follow the main positions in Sicilians.
However, at that point I thought it's good to exchange the queens. You will never know what can IM does with her. Because I'm not professional yet, I wanted to reduce the possibilities of surprising moves. 
You know that IM or GM can calculate approx. 4-5 moves ahead in 10 seconds, he spend for one of thousand games.
After winning the material, I just went on the offensive. Trying to use all my minor & major pieces...

It was great experience, to play against IM Attila Turzo and beat him (of course, conditions for both players weren't equal)! To have 1000 games in progress against my 80. 12x more!
Once again I must thank Attila for accepting the challenge!

And here is the blitz I promised to post:
That's it. Hope you enjoy it. If you have any question, ask below!