Pittsburgh Chess League

Sep 30, 2015, 5:27 PM |

So I went to my first ever chess tournament this last weekend as part of CMU's Team 3. I actually got lucky since I was unrated and wasn't going to play for the team (just play as an alternate against a random player). But two of the 5 rated players on the team didn't show up and I was the first to register for a USCF membership of all of us who didn't have one (that's thanks to walking to Pitt by myself 50 minutes early lol). Anyway, here's my game. It was against a 1484 rated player.


Edit: For those few (if any) who were wondering ... I forgot to mention what it was like to have people watching me play chess (specifically B.C. and blitzcopter), which I think is a big part of a first chess tournament if you've only ever played online. However, due to my golfing career, I'm pretty used to having people stare intently as I do a concentration-intensive activity. So it wasn't that hard to ignore them.