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Do you want to become a GM ?

Do you want to become a GM ?

Jul 18, 2017, 8:50 AM 9

          !!!!Read Books!!!!      

       Read and finish the sums in Artur Yusopov,Boost up your chess,Chess evaluation,Middle game combination {x4 times}, 600 plus,Attacking manual and Anthology of chess combinations......etc...and the books that you know,and you should also do books or read books for the development of opening and endgame....

Well,It is boring.... of course it is boring ,But if you want to get better this is a must..

.Trust me you will get used to it....

Thanks for reading my blog and also try it,you'll be surely a great player.

And also only doing hardwork gives us win and getting awards and the                        titles of GM,FM,CM and else any other..

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