Who said corresponcence chat had to be boring?

Who said corresponcence chat had to be boring?

Nov 23, 2010, 3:58 PM |

This was a chat between 99Spike99 and I during one of our correspondence games:


MadamAnonymous: sorry about that

99spike99: no you're not

MadamAnonymous: well, *put's on halo*, maybe a little

99spike99: *flicks of halo with a snap of the fingers*....Tell me the truth!...
You do enjoy taking my pieces don't you?....*slams fist on table, lights cigar*

MadamAnonymous: with the voice of an angel she said:"I am sorry, good sir!
I would never intentionally hurt your pieces. The ones I took are eating cake
and having juice. I promise!"
...when spike looks away the shadow of an evil smile
emerges on Madam's face. He does not see it but a cold chill runs down his neck and he

she will hurt them. My pieces souls are lost!
Then he walks away, knowing it's too late to save them!
A single tear runs down his cheek as he whispers:
"goodbye. I will remember you!"

99spike99: Oh, but she is mistaken...spike has vowed revenge on every piece
of hers....no mercy will be shown...*her blissfull ignorance to his ploy will
be her downfall*...

MadamAnonymous: ...says Spike. He quickly realizes that NO amount of
revenge will bring back the sad souls lost to the supreme Overlord of all

that is evil. How could he have been such a fool? He trusted her innocent smile,
her angel voice, her sweet words. When did it all go wrong. In an

instant his mind flashes back to a simpler time. A time when MadamX was still

little Maddie. He remembers the softness of her words, the warmth

of her touch as they held hands while skipping through the fields of a
distant paradise.
He remembers a playful game of chess, played under beautiful weeping willows.
 As he won the game he softly laughed.

He remembers the expression little, sweet Maddie had. It was one of discontent.

An expression NEVER before seen on her face. Was this it?
Was this when it all changed?
Was it all his fault? Was he the cause of the birth of such a evil filled Overlordess?
He sits down by the lake, the birds are now silent.
He hangs his head in shame.
"WHY?", he cries. "Why did I have to win that fateful game?
He decides it is time to repent to the world.
With one last breath he sighs, then takes his queen and places
he gently in front of hers. If she takes it, the debt will be repaid. Never again will he need to feel that the world now shaped by the
evil Overlord is his fault.
...as the trees swing softly in the wind, he let's go of
the guilt and weeps:"Good bye sweet queen. You were the loveliest of them all!"

---the mind game didn't work. Spike castled instead. Dang!--

MadamAnonymous:Suddenly anger grips Spike's heart.
"WHY should I sacrifice my queen to save the world? "
He wipes away the trace of a tear that was left by his earlier thought.
"NO!!", he screams into the wind. "I will fight!"
His heart is suddenly filled with a feeling he realized from the days of his childhood. It was a feeling he now wish he had
called forward long ago. As a chill fills the air he picks up his phone. With every ring, he feels the feeling of pride and fight strengthening.
A shivering voice answers.
He realizes it is up to him to change the fate of his people.
"KING!", he commands with a stern voice.
"Change positions with you rook!"
I will not allow our Supreme Overlord to take your queen so easily!"
As the king complies he feels the power inside of him growing. Stronger and stronger, with every heart beat.
A child like giggle crosses his lips. Why did he lose the will to fight before?
Why give up when the fight has just begun? He looks up to let the sun kiss his face.
Total ease washes over him. Then...as he opens his eyes he realizes a storm had
swooped across the fields that once belonged to sweet Maddie and him.
Was it her? Did she somehow realize that he would fight?
"I AM HERE, MADAMX!", he proclaims with his fist raised.
"Come and get me, if you can!"

99spike99: (Brilliant!)

MadamAnonymous:FEAR! Fear arises inside him as soon as he finished uttering those words. What was this feeling? Was it ...was it evil?
Evil inside his own heart?
Had he turned into the same thing he despised in MadamX?
Did he like the feeling? Did he finally understand why his little Maddie became Supreme ruler?
He had to know...
Was he capable of such a heart?
He grabbed his horse and rode head on into the storm. I will find you MadamX! I will find you and we shall rule
the world together!"
An all to familiar, evil smile form on his lips. This time there was no chill running down his back, only the feeling
of a power that was buried deep inside of him, long ago.
As the horse gallops across the fields he is certain...
"I am coming for you, MadamX! Then we will see who will be left sobbing!"
...rain starts to fall ever so softly...

-To be continued when he moves-