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Meridian Scholastic 2016

Meridian Scholastic 2016

Sep 18, 2016, 1:23 PM 3

Hey guys I went to the Meridian Scholastic tournament on Saturday, September 17th and here are the 5 games I played, no commentary. I was rated 1208 and finished 1st with 4.5 points! Please comment on the games. Kiss

The second game was against an unrated but he was a 1500 in quick chess. This was a dual rated tournament, meaning we are rated bith quick and regular due to the G 30 D5 time control. He was easier than I expected.

My third opponent attacked aggresively but I managed to defend and attack him myself.

My fourth game was a Sicilian against a higher rated opponent and it was pretty fun. 

My final game was a draw, although a was winning at one point in the middlegame. My mistake was on move 15 where I could have taken the pawn with my queen but I didn't realize it was going to be a check. Another than that, the game was smooth.

Thanks for reading! Please comment!

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