Book On DISCOUNT !! Good Book!!

Book On DISCOUNT !! Good Book!!

Dec 30, 2017, 7:04 PM |

Hi guys!

Magnuts here!

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Here is the book happy.png

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Tricksy owls and talking cats, time travel and teleportation—it’s a perilous landscape for a waitress. 

But Leah Bishop’s no ordinary waitress.

Recruited by a shadowy group of crimefighters to find and destroy an ancient weapon before it falls into enemy hands, she feels powerless against the dark forces she’s meant to fight. 
Turns out Leah’s more powerful than she thought. In fact, she’s about to learn that her powers are limited only by her imagination. And that’s when her real trouble begins...

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"Leah Bishop and the book of Tsen-Ke" By Arlen Rutledge !

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