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Your trip to success in chess.

Your trip to success in chess.

Oct 23, 2017, 5:47 PM 58

Hello there its your awesome Magnuts here and we are here for some advise from me to you wink.png.



First tip:Go and play USCF or your nation's chess federation rated tournaments. 

Hmm...How do i do that?You can become a member here https://secure2.uschess.org/webstore/member.php

Once you are done with that you are eligable to play!So now you go here :http://www.uschess.org/tlas/upcoming.php

And just a little secret:If you are under 16 you can win a national junior event and gain a title!





Second tip:Analyse your games 





Well all players know how to analyse your game but the best ways:

Get a coach. "Welll there are no coaches in my area...cry.png" Ok so then get a online coach.HOW?   everyone here has hear of ICC right?So you can go to there website or click this:https://www.chessclub.com/ if you want to get a coach :https://store.chessclub.com/teachers

"What if i dont want a online coach because they are expensivesurprise.png"

Well you can use chess.com FREE analysis after your games for online and OTB.





Were to do puzzles?

You can do them on chess.com or as i do....On chesstempo.com

This is important because it can improve you rating dramaticly OTB and chess.com .REMEMBER: Do at least 50 Tactics and play at least 25 blitz games (5 MIN) a day! null^



This is how a puzzle looks like.You must find the corrsect combination and win or gain material.





Ok guys i hope you use these tips and remember to follow me to ge updates happy.png

Thanks for reading,

          - @MagnutsCarleson





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