1972 Fischer-Spassky World Championships match, part 1

Apr 14, 2017, 11:13 AM |

This is part one of three of the the Bobby Fischer VS Boris Spassky world championships match in 1972. Each part will have 7 games in it, along with some explanations, and annotations on the game. Since I'm only rated 1050, I won't make many annotations. At the end of each game, I will put what stockfish 8 thinks of the end of the game. I know that engines aren't great for a lot of endgames, but I'll still put it there. Finally, if this blogs interest you, I suggest reading "Bobby Fischer goes to War".


Before the tournament started, Bobby demanded that the prize money be raised. The organizers of the event refused to do this. Fischer said that he refused to play the tournament until it be raised. Just days before the tournament started, a multi-millionaire chess enthusiast named Jim Slater donated $125,000 to keep the tournament going, rasing the prize money to $250,000 (about 1.5 million today). Satisfied, Bobby agreed to play the tournament.



On move 29, Fischer made the error of Bxh2, which after 30. g3, blocked his bishop and lead to a loss. After the game, Fischer said that he had known he was taking a big risk, but he thought he could come up with a win. Stockfish puts mate in 19 at the end of this game. This put the score to 1-0 Spassky.


Game 2 was and is unlike any other game. Fischer, unsatisfied with the fact that the crowd was too close to him, demanded that they play in a room with no people in it. The organizers of the event refused to let this happen. So, on the day of game 2, after ten minutes, when Bobby had not shown up, they called him. Bobby asked once again if they would make the people leave, and saying no, he reigned his game over the telephone. Now Spassky was up 2-0


Not wanting everyone to say he won the Championship by defualt, Spassky let the game be played with no crowd. 

And finally Fisher had won his first game, putting the score to 2-1 Spassky. Stockfish puts Fisher up by about 5.


This game too, took place in the back room with no people of watch.

And tie game lead to a 2.5-1.5 Spassky lead. Stockfish has Spassky up by only .04.


No incidents came on this game. The game was only a short 29 moves.

Even in 29 moves, Bobby was able to beat Spassky bringing the score up to 2.5-2.5. Stockfish has Fischer up by about 5.5


Amazingly, Bobby was able to win yet another game, putting the score 3.5-2.5 Fischer. Stockfish has mate in 7.


And the last game I will post for today.

And a tie game. This puts Bobby up 4-3. Stockfish shows 0.0.


Thank you everyone for reading this. If you liked it, check back tommorow for 1972 Fischer-Spassky world championships match part two, and in two days for 1972 Fischer-Spassky World Championships match part 3.