Akiba Rubinstein, Rapid Tournament, 28-29 Oct 2012

Jan 21, 2013, 5:51 AM |

This was my third FIDE-rated tournament I ever played. It was Akiba Rubinstein Momorial, 15 min + 10 sec rapid tournament. Before the tournament it was quite tough week and it reflected in the games I played here. The tournament gathered quite strong players only half of which were below 2000 ELO and the 25% with more than 2300 ELO.

Overall I showed below average result... but got 3.5 points and 26 place out of 35 attendants. See the tournament list and results here.

The game I showed you below illustrates my condition.

After quite good play from me at some point after 100% winning position I blundered my queen...

 After this awful game I was astonished and very unhappy... the whole club was exclaiming after my sacrifice on c6 and after such accurate game but everyone was ready to critisize me after my so weak game after and many blunders...

This was my last tournament in 2012 because I decided to learn better lessons from this loss and come back much stronger to this tournament.

For 2013 I plan to attend at least 3 such tournaments and get + result in each of them. And increase my official FIDE rating from current 1780 to 2000+... http://ratings.fide.com

Thanks for your time and attention, Tigran.