My second FIDE rated tournament: Aron Nimtzovich, 29-30 Sep 2012

Oct 5, 2012, 11:38 AM |

Rapid tournament named after Aron Nimtzovich were held in the center of chess world… Gogolevsky, 14, this is Russian Chess Federation. It has usual time control – 15 mins + 10 sec per move. This tournament is hosted each month and is accounted for FIDE rating calculation.

This was special tournament for me... because it was the first tournament where I entered with FIDE rating profile and preliminary official rapid rating of 1615.

Also, the name of the tournament was special for me... Aron Isaevich Nimtzovich is the chess master which was never a world champion, but who wrote the best book I've ever read about chess... this book is called "My system" and "My system in practice"... it is from that type of conceptual books, which made me understand chess better.

This weekend the tournament gathered slightly less people than the previous one on summer, but still there were 46 registered players.



For me, the tournament went better than the previous one, but still most of opponents were a bit stronger, what let me get only 4 points out of 9.


Out of 5 lost games at least 3 I had better positions. The true reason of losses, were: 1. inability to transform the play into aggressive mode after I’ve got an advantage. I believe this is a result of my extensive training in positional game (I’ve had individual practice with GM recently). Will try to remedy this fault in next tournament.

2. some mistakes and excessive time spent in openings.

3. not enough persistance in analysis


Overall, I think it is move forward, but still long way to go to become real killer for any of top 10 players.

Here is the final table...