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CHESS rules basics TeST for Jnrs.

CHESS rules basics TeST for Jnrs.

Oct 26, 2014, 1:22 PM 0
No. CHESS GAMe rules Answer

(Rules basics & simple criteria)
1 Symbol of Pawn?  
2 Symbol of kNight?  
3 Symbol of Bishop?  
4 Symbol of Rook?  
5 Symbol of Queen?  
6 Symbol of King?  
7 Value of Pawn?  
8 Value of kNight?  
9 Value of Bishop?  
10 Value of Rook?  
11 Value of Queen?  
12 Value of King?  
13 Are Pawns pieces?  
14 Total Pawn No.?  
15 Total White Pawns?  
16 Total piece No.?  
17 Total White pieces?  
18 IF you touch a piece should you move it?  
19 White's King starting square?  
20 White's Queen starting square?  
21 White's King's Bishop starting square?  
22 White's King's kNight starting square?  
23 White's King's Rook starting square?  
24 CHESS notation = Piece + letter + No.?  
25 How many Queens can you have?  
26 How many moves has White on 1st. Move?  
27 How many pieces you move when castling?  
28 How many points is a win?  
29 How many points is a loss?  
30 How many points is a draw?  

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