Decision Making via Artificial Intelligence introduction

Decision Making via Artificial Intelligence introduction

Nov 10, 2013, 1:38 PM |

“Revolutionary” + evolutionary APProach:


Science-Fiction legend “human vs machine”,

supposing threat in a future era where the “silicon monsters”

would be superior to humans regarding practical results

within analysis or Decision Making (DM)... is here!! 

As in other history leaps,

Science-Fiction speculations TREND towards Science...


Since the 30's, STandarD MODel for Artificial Intelligence (AI)studies has been CHESS... Why?

Being a “Science-GAMe” framed within

a LIMited space with infinite possibilities; OPTimum MODel

for any multifunctional and multi-parametre analysis.


Taking into account CHESS programs such as IBM's Deep Blue

towards the end of 20th. century, it has convincingly DEMOnstrated

its “practical superiority” compared to “human superspecialists”.


The “revolutionary” APProach is precisely

to accept such “practical superiority

and “TRANSLATE” programming criteria to human terms-methods

in a MINimalistic plus practical way.


Let us see the logic chain of such “eclectic-multidisciplinary” method:

1st.)    Problem s

2nd.)   Human APProach

3rd.)   Decision tree analysis following Artificial Intelligence methods

4th.)   3 final OPTimum branches SELection via MECHanical criteria

5th.)   Balancing step 2 vs 5 (seeking analogy or intersection)

6th.)   Results reinterpretation & EVALuation at human LeVeL

7th.)   Final Decision Making (DM) D

8th.)   Decision Making (DM) work-out within case-to-case basis

9th.)   Specific case RECord for INFOrmation's sake (REC INFO)

10th.) Logic chain restart P