HIgh-PERFOrmance Chain Rules

HIgh-PERFOrmance Chain Rules

Nov 10, 2013, 1:42 PM |

HIgh-PERFOrmance “Chain Rules”

(AZ ref.)

“Chain Rules”, as HIgh-PERFOrmance tooling,

are a very powerful MEMory plus logic support

to any kind of step-by-step criteria, PRocess, PROCedure and so on...


It is also HIgh-PERFOrmance Fast Forward (FF) reading or studying,

for a single A4 page of “Chain Rules” = 20 pages written text !!

It is a common tool used in HIgh-TECHnology sectors

where complexity and too much length is overwhelming indeed,

so that in a single page, via “flash effect”,

you visualize relevant INFOrmation.

Of course, we will only sample most relevant to GAMing:

(the reader may SELect those which seem better for him)

Chain Rule

ATTACK    = Approach To Threshold Anticipating Counter Knock-out

CALC         = CALCulus = Calculate As Limit Check (calculus limits)

CHECK      = Cancel Harmony Evolvement Checking King (unbalancing)

CHESS      = Choose Highest Evaluation Strongest Set (MAXIMAX)

COUNTER= Counter Only Upon New Target Expecting Results

DECIDE     = Detect Estimate Choose Identify Do Evaluate (DM steps)

DEMO        = Do Each Measured Option (trail & ERRor criterion)

DM             = Decision Making

DRAW       = Do Relax After War (Emotional Intelligence [EQ] DRAW)

ENDING     = Endgame Next Decision If Newfound Goal (forcing ending)

ERR           = ERRor

EVAL         = EVALuation = Estimate Values And Limits

GAM          = GAMing = Go And Measure (experimental metrology)

GROW       = Goals Reality Options Will (Decision Making parametres)

KO             = Knock Out

LOSE                   = Limit Options Solving Errors (Problem Solving criterion)

MOVE        = Move Options View Expectations (forecasting criteria)

NO             = No Options

OPEN         = Own Possibilities Evolvement Net (SELF SWOT)

OPT           = OPTimum = Options Preferences Trend

ORG           = Organisation Resources Goals (horizon analysis)

PAX           = Peace At X-point

PERFO       = PERFOrmance = Plan Each Role For Outcome

PDCA         = Plan Do Check Act (Quality cycle)

PIN             = Pin If Nuisance

PWR          = PoWeR = Potential Weight Resources (potential judgement)

RISK          = Risk If Sure Know-how (RISK analysis criterion)