Paul MORPHY as seen by champions...

Paul MORPHY as seen by champions...

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Quotes about the great Paul MORPHY


Paul Morphy was the greatest chess player that ever lived. Every student of the game, who has delved into the stories of the past, realizes that no one ever was so far superior to the players of his time, or ever defeated his opponents with such ease, and no one ever offered knight odds to the men who considered themselves his equal. LASKER's


Morphy was stronger than anyone he played with, including Anderssen. STEINITZ's.


Morphy's principal strength does not rest upon his power of combination but in his position play and his general style....Beginning with la Bourdonnais to the present, and including Lasker, we find that the greatest stylist has been Morphy. Whence the reason, although it might not be the only one, why he is generally considered the greatest of all. CAPABLANCA's.


Morphy, the master of all phases of the game, stronger than any of his opponents, even the strongest of them. ALEKHINE's.


Morphy was the first positional player who, unlike his Romantic rivals, understood the strategic basis for attack. He wrote nothing more than a few game notes and played fewer than 75 serious games. But his exploitation of open lines prepared the way for Steinitz's scientific treatment of closed positions and the era of modern chess. RETI's.


Paul Morphy was a great chess player, a genius... Morphy, I think everyone agrees, was probably the greatest genius of them all... REINFELD's.


To this day Morphy is an unsurpassed master of the open games. Just how great was his significance is evident from the fact that after Morphy nothing substancially new has been created in this field. BOTVINNIK's.


Genius is a starry word; but if there ever was a chess player to whom that attribute applied, it was Paul Morphy. SOLTIS'.


Morphy would beat anybody alive today... Morphy was perhaps the most accurate chess player who ever lived. FISCHER's.


If the distinguishing feature of a genius is that he is far ahead compared with his epoch, then Morphy was a chess genius in the complete sense of the word. EUWE's.


It is scarcely an exaggeration to say that without Morphy chess as we know it would be unthinkable. Horowitz's.


I felt myself in a grasp against which it was almost vain to struggle. Lowenthal's.


Full justice has not been done to Morphy's extraordinary position judgement. STEININTZ's.


I consider Mr. Morphy the finest chess player who ever existed. He is far superior to any now living, and would doubtless have beaten Labourdonnais himself. In all his games with me, he has not only played, in every instance, the exact move, but the most exact. He never makes a mistake; but if his adversary commits the slightest error, he is lost. Anderssen's.