SYStems vs OPENings

SYStems vs OPENings

Nov 10, 2013, 1:49 PM |

 SYStems (SYS)vs OPENings


Why playing SYStems (SYS) instead of OPENings (OPEN)?

[ SYS = Structure Your System vs OPEN = Own Possibilities Evolvement Net ]


POSition EVALuation (POS EVAL)

[ POS EVAL = Position On Surface Estimate Values And Limits ]

is much more important than OPENing (OPEN) knowledge or deep CALCulation (CALC)

[ CALC = Calculus As Limit Check ], for several specific cogent reasons:


-         CHESS [ Choose Highest Evaluation Strongest Set ] is too complex to embrace up to date knowledge unless you are a PROfessional (PRO) [ Profile Readiness Optimums ].

-         It is easier to familiarize yourself with guiding criteria and structures.

-         Basic patterns are the key to safe development plus mid-GAMe (GAM) [ Go And Measure ] understanding.

-         Step-by-step ideas come naturally for you rely on LOGIC (ERRors are common, logic is rare) instead of MEMory (MEM).

-         Know-how is better than knowledge following Coaching & Training standards.

-         SYStems help you to play OPENings using your own common sense judgement.

-         SYStems force you to set a PLAN [ PDCA = Plan Do Check Act ] instead of thinking about MOVE  [ Move Options View Expectations ] sequences.

-         SYS as “Chain Rule” means Structure Your System... giving PRocess & PROCedure clues...


The main TarGeT (TGT) [ True Goal Trend ] in behind SYStem use is to reach a reasonable middle GAMe (GAM) POSition, generally speaking, we would recomment the following repertoire criteria:


-         With White, one SYStem for closed and demi-closed GAMes plus another one for open plus demi-open GAMes...

-         With Black, one SYStem for closed and demi-closed GAMes plus another one for open plus demi-open GAMES; main difference being that it must be a dynamic countering SYStem...


Such focus is to be recommended for the average player who has no time nor energy to study...


Some of you may feel skeptical about this radical way to LIMit (LIM) your repertoire, so do allow me to ponder upon strong practical arguments in its favour:


-         OPENing theory nowadays is almost LIMitless (LIM) and ever changing... a headache really...

-         To try to control (Ctrl.) your favourite variations keeping up to date is time suicidal...

-         Strong players plus Masters will win easy via their DataBase (DB) knowledge...

-         As amateur, you cannot become over-specialized nor ignorant on essential development.


So, once more, I do propose you a careful SELection (SEL) of a LIMited NUMber of SYStem lines which you feel satisfied with, for your own feeling is much more important than objectivity; take into account, following HIgh-PERFOrmance STandarDs (HI-PERFO STD), that psychology in sport might be +- 30% to 60% PERFOrmance!!


The more you practice such structures, you VISualize (VIS) the more and CALCulate the less; your POSitional judgement is wondrously enhanced in the ensuing middle GAMe; thus you play GAMes of your own directing play into familiar channels, with a clear-cut PLAN which allows you to play with confidence MAXimizing your playing strength and potential.

                                                                       Manuel GARDENES