Healthy Diet

May 17, 2017, 1:44 PM |

We are so unique that we have to abide by certain rules to live longer...

The most common definition to immortality is prolonging our cell aging. For the very same reason, in ancient times up to recent, we have experimented with various to find the perfect mummy. Are we striving to be the living dead or are we striving to be de dead, yet still living?

In modern science we are told and groomed to eat healthy. The trouble is: what is that definition? The Medici and Food science has an ever aging debate. However, the conclusion is the same yet different in application? Eat a healthy meal!

Amongst all these, none can define that. The medico defines it as commonly known objects such as lots of natural food (organic). Yet, what is the definition of these organics if all are eventually returned to dust! In Food science it is defined in saturated and unsaturated fats, converted to carbohydrates, amino acids etc... The building blocks of life! Opposing to this, the one is teaching us to be a rabbit, and the other is teaching us to eat the rabbit...

Looking at the saturated fats, we are warned... behaving like the rabbit we will live a long healthy life. The opposite of this is the unsaturated fats...we may die like the rabbit at the hands of our predator...heart diseases. How ironic, that the medical world is based on our anatomy and the Food science is based on our inherent behaviour and digestive systems. Conclusion: Our anatomy! Are they talking the same language or taking about a different behaviour?

In an independent study done on behaviour vs a healthy diet by a food company: A test was done on free will by the Eskimo's and the opposite by our western counterparts:

1. Eskimo's: Change the diet to western behaviour with meals. 99% contracted various illnesses and diseases of which most was irreversible. The lack of the unsaturated fats distorted their anatomy to where they were all dying or had contracted diabetes, etc. In the past, those where unknown to that population.

2. The western pop eating Eskimo diet, high fat! The same happened but much quicker.

Now the question remain... who is correct? The moral is: both are wrong! We are quick to learn and being told, "Your cholesterol is too high" you need to bring it down or you die! You do that, you still die as now your body is producing the counter measure to raise the levels but fails as the food content in a green diet does not sustain the conversion, now you are diabetic or intolerant to some. You actually are on the brink of non-existence!


How do we get around these? Easy: don’t eat!