Our Heritage

Apr 28, 2017, 11:16 AM |

It is strange how the people of specific areas has the resemblance of the inherit primates. It is more evident in the behaviour as well as facial expressions.

Some specific features are also very prominent. Take the Indian (eastern) dominate primates and we find that most Indians have short upper bodies and long legs - Black-footed gray langur

The Japanese primates have specific characters towards the behaviour and speech expressions that tend similar characteristics towards the human counterpart - Douc langur

If we look into Africa, it varies amongst regions and progression is almost as slow as the primate’s evolution. The bigger the better to intimidate. The uglier, the better for success with females. Yet they turn out to be the laziest and dominate by brutal force and age old strategies’.

Many can be observed in resemblances. You can research more!

It is also weird that the hair structure resembles closely to the primates. 

More evidently, is the ability in creativity and adopting to change. The African primate has almost no changed characteristics, as it depends on comfort and raid. The eastern primates adapted to various strategies in the ever changing world and refrain mostly from human interaction, compared the latter.

The only unexplained population, which does not resemble any primate directly, is the American Indians. However, they strongly believe to be descendants from the ant people. They are also the only human population that naturally lack hair at most places were other have abundance. Yet science explains that we needed some protection during winter. Does they not have freezing winters?


Therefore in my opinion, we are merely descendants from other that experimented to resemble our primates, with the potential to excel into another time frame. Speaking of the latter, how ironic is it that we are always locked into a time frame which repeats itself differently in character, and we call that, "history repeats itself"

The above is not validated but sparks our ant-sisters interest in being human or is it the opposite? Or, do we call it evolution with a missing history of 10000 years? What exactly happened during that time frame? Change from hairy to naked? From 4 hands to 2? Ironically, all other species took millions only us that has a fraction? We are created to resemble X or we evolved to eventually resemble X?

In another 10000 that has passed, we did none! How strange!

I guess the next 1000 years 1/10 is the making of Y! How do I get to this...?

In the past decade we have started with the indoctrination of our children in accepting big eye and big headed pictures to be the norm in live animates. What exactly are we preparing them for? It is also strange that we now are evolving towards longer faces. Is it evolving or genetics changed? How did the genetics changed in 10 years? Are we that unique and sudden!


WE ARE ALMOST THERE! Getting the truth