Word Chaos

May 20, 2017, 1:50 PM |

In this modern world, our leaders have become the ladders of their own objectives. In the past we had leaders of statue. Their objectives were to make the world a better place. They did that with pride in advancing the human population.

The past has told us various and has progressed to a point where are almost extinct by our own doing. Most leaders have progressed to showing off their wellbeing as well as their ego in dominance of wealth. This domination of power vs financial backing will soon lead us to the last chapter in the bible.

Let’s start with the one that will walk out of the sea… Why the sea and not the land? Could it relate to mysterious and abundance power? Is this Donal Trumph? He walks with a lot of mystery and follows his own objectives knowing that he has the financial backing and military to back him. He is extremely controversial and occasionally surprises himself in his own thinking. He has one objective, be the biggest azz the world has seen and is not scared to proof the point. He intentionally is breaking good relations for the reasons only he knows.

If we look at most other countries in the globe, we find that most are corrupt and rules for self-gain. Politics have now evolved to a family business all around.   

Soon we will be ploughed into disarray; we are on the brink of world war 3, which is to exterminate all populations in most countries by means of nepotism.

Soon we will execute the age old battle, who is the strongest of them all? A fish start rotting from its head, soon the body will be affected, 50% of the world pop will start killing each other with in. Following that the remainder will follow their heads and let the next 1000 years of peace be upon us!


What is the heading of this blog? How easy do we get distracted by the head’s lead?