My Recent Tournaments (Unfortunately, no games annotated)

Well, after a long time, I'm finally going to do a blog. I've been really distracted due to schoolwork, but I decided to give you guys a really quick highlight of my chess life in terms of OTB.

Over the time since I went to Sterling, I've been to two tournaments. Both of them were in the same place, the Vienna chess tournaments. First time around, I won $30 and the second time, I won only $10, but I got first place in both of them. How?

In the first tournament, I went out to a rough start by losing to an 800! Endgame looked drawable, but I completely messed up and I lost the game. In the second game, I was down a knight, but in the end, I won the game! During the game, my opponent made a fatal endgame mistake and had to sacrifice her knight that gave her any hope of winning. Soon, I promoted and she resigned. In the third game, I was dominating the entire game. My opponent attempted many plans to exploit my king, but all of them failed. I took advantage of these and got a win out of it. In the fourth game, it was a rematch with my opponent in the third round to decide the winner of the tournament. The entire game was tied, both of us frustrated to get a win. Eventually, my opponent made a mistake that costed the game, and I won with a queen, rook, and knight. I went 3-1 in the tournament, and won $30.

In the second tournament, it was completely different. In the first game, we were tied to the endgame, until he made a fatal mistake and blundered a knight and 3 pawns. He resigned after the knight blunder. In the second game, I was winning the entire time. Everything that he tried to put checkmate on me, I was able to put defense on. While he was trying to setup for the threat, I took advantage of the distraction, I took as much material as possible. He resigned after we traded queens. In the third game, I was losing by an exchange, and it all looked hopeless until he blundered a rook. It was a knight and pawn vs a pawn. He thought it was a draw, but I was able to make it a win for me. In the fourth game, this would decide who was the winner. But, it was a completely drawn endgame and we drew. I won $10, because Vienna lowered the prize money to $20 and me and the other winner split the money.

Hope you enjoyed! Wink


  • 23 months ago


    Thanks Steve!

    My rating was about 1300 entering both tournaments.

  • 23 months ago


    Congrats on winning and tying in the two tournaments!! Wow! First place twice. What was your rating entering the tournaments? I found that the game you won by taking advantage of the opponent being too busy trying to get a checkmate on you, very cool. Again, good job!
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