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My crazy game against a 1668 USCF player

My crazy game against a 1668 USCF player

Aug 2, 2016, 10:14 PM 5

Today I played my monthly classical game at the Westport Chess Club. My opponent was Dylan, a 1668 player who is rapidly improving and has a very solid style of play. The game took 2 hours, and it was a very instructive one. In the game, my opponent started an attack on my king at around move 20. He ended up temporarily winning two pawns, but I had great piece activity as compensation and won a single pawn back while also greatly damaging his structure. Indeed, he had two isolated pawns, and triple isolated pawns!

At that point, it was my turn to move, and I could have won back a second pawn, leaving material equal and his structure inferior. However, I instead brought my bishop back to the kingside, attacking his queen and going after his passed pawn that was only a square away from queening. However, this allowed for a brilliant tactic where he was able to sacrifice his queen for my bishop, and I couldn't recapture because he could then checkmate me.

So because of my blunder, I went from having a small advantage to being down 4 points in a hopeless position. My only solace was that Dylan was down to about 4 minutes here, whereas I had about 20 left. So I kept playing on for about 30 moves trying to win on time, but alas, he checkmated me with 12 seconds on the clock. This game is a sharp reminder to always stay alert to tactics, no matter how mysterious they can be!


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