How to create a plan in the middlegame? (part 3)

How to create a plan in the middlegame? (part 3)

IM MatBobula

Before reading that article I strongly recommend reading part 1. and part 2.

Using that diagram (black is to move) try to follow the steps outlined in part 1. before comparing it with the text below.


1. Material


2. Kings activity

Both kings are not active.


3. Pawn structure

Pawn majority on the queenside (3:2) is superior to the White's Pawn Majority on the kingside.

Black is slightly better.

4. Pieces activity
We count activity points.

Black: Rook - 5 points, Knight - 3 points, Bishop - 2 points, TOTAL: 10

White: Rook - 4 points, Knight - 2 points, Bishop - 2 points, TOTAL: 8

Black is slightly better.

5. Strategic elements

Black takes control over the open d-file. White's Rook is on the semi-open c-file.

Black is slightly better.


Black has got a small advantage because of pawn majority, slightly more active pieces, and the open d-file.


Attack on the Queenside, trying to use the factors mentioned in the summary.


1. Restrict White's Bishop

2. Activate the King

3. Push queenside pawns forward and creates the passed pawn


In the strategical positions, schemes are more important than the lines. So there is no need to calculate move by move.

Black is going to play f6 (1st step), Kg8-f7-e6 (2nd step), the b5-move and then prepare the c4-move.

So the 1st move that Black can do is f6.

If you want to see did I play according to that plan and was it effective, below you can see the game with a live commentary

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