Could Michael Jordan come back like Garry Kasparov did?

Could Michael Jordan come back like Garry Kasparov did?

CM Mateusz_Dubinski
May 1, 2016, 12:42 PM |

I have just finished watching the Game 7 of the NBA Eastern Conference 1st Round Play-Offs between Miami Heat and Charlotte Hornets.

As a big fan of the team from Frorida I am in outstanding mood as my team crushed their opponents with 33 points.

Few days ago I was watching the former Chess World Champion Garry Kasparov playing and giving amazing performance in blitz Robin tournament in Saint Louis. He had to face 3 superstars (Nakamura, Caruana, So) who are 2 times younger than Garry.

What is common for those two events?

Michael Jordan and Garry Kasparov were both born in 1963 and they are both legends in their sports. Apart from playing they both are businessmen (Kasparov is a politian as well). MJ23 is an owner of the Charlotte Hornets that lost today.


While I watching an amazing match I was wondering if Jordan could come back again (he has retired 3 times so far) and help his players to win G7 against Heat. I am under an impression that, apart from his age, he could do it very last time.


What do you think?