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What a difference in strategy, innocent the champion

What a difference in strategy, innocent the champion

Jun 13, 2017, 10:46 AM 0


Very good description of the game Aronian vs Carlsen, the famous sacrifice of quality is almost like the conscience and strategy of computers that is interested only in winning the game at all costs.

Well the current or modern chess is the compilation of a whole history of tactics and more strategy to beat an opponent, but the key is the philosophy of the player if we analyze the attitudes where you have nothing to lose the game project is usually Brighter and less conservative for a luxury finish.

I believe that the chess of the future should be less academic and more free giving the option to players to get out of an orthodox scheme and achieve a brilliant final.

Very good for Aronian who is breaking with the traditional and easily defeats a somewhat academic champion and makes him look naive, with all respect.

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