Mike's Diary of Terrible Tactics

Mike's Diary of Terrible Tactics

Aug 9, 2016, 6:29 PM |

Hi All, 

In my quest to get better at chess I'm making a blog of the tactics problems I miss:



9/5 I need to stick to forcing lines in tactics training:


9/5 Right idea, wrong move order!

9/5 Totally incorrect mental picture on this one:



8/31 - Thought I had checkmate dancing around with the queen.  I didn't see the queen capture:


8/30 - So close! I won a rook, but I could have won the queen!


8/20 - In tactics there are good moves and there are great moves. In this one I found a way to win a pawn but I missed trading a rook for a queen.


8/15 - A reminder that, especially in tactics training, I must make sure I'm choosing forcing moves.

8/9 - Last night was brutal.