Sterling Chess November

Nov 4, 2013, 12:16 PM |

I was extremely rusty going into this tournament as homework from school prevented me from practicing chess consistently. Still, I was able to get a decent result in this tournament, 2.5/4.

My first game was against an IM which I not surprisingly lost. However, it was disappointing as I lost in less than 20 moves.

My next game was against a child by the name of Sam Schenk whom I actually know in real life. Hello Sam if you are reading this.

My third game was against a child by the name of Andrew Wang. I blunder really badly in the opening...... but I was eventually able to come through with a draw in the endgame.

My last game was against my friend Abhinay. We were considering a preagreed draw but I was like "Nah". I was right to decline the draw as I was able to come away with the victory. I wil not be showing that game because I would like to keep private my opening prep.