Swindle! The Story of Lost Opportunity

Mar 28, 2014, 6:16 PM |

The following games were played in the Maryland High School Championship, both featuring winning positions for the underdog, but an eventual win for the favored player. They are posted in order to prove a point: even if you are 400-500 elo points higher rated than somebody, you could still potentially fall prey to good play from them. You must persevere and hope the underdog makes a mistake -- which they do in these two cases.

My first game was against the "prodigy" Kevin Wang.

My second game was against a friend of mine named Nathan Janus. He had previously lost me at the sweet 16 and was seeking revenge.

[I currently do not have the scoresheet. If Nathan would be so kind to send it to me, I could show you how I almost lost to him :)]