First League Game of the Season!

Oct 7, 2009, 2:55 AM |

I wasn't really planning on posting league games on my blog, but after a hearty moan from bluechessmaster last night I've decided that I simply must defend my honour!

So last night was the first game for Bristol University and it was our B team away to Downend's E team.  Due to what I'll call "technical absurdities" the SatNav got our makeshift team lost and nowhere near the venue without about 10 minutes before we defaulted on time, but after asking a couple of the old boys we just scraped it with about 3 minutes to spare.  For the record, I say makeshift team since we haven't had a chance to get to know any of our freshers which was the whole point of our B team, so we had 2 other players (Blaxsaw and knightstour) whose ratings let them into the league and me as captain.  We defaulted on our 4th board but c'est la vie.

Anyway, enough rambling and on with the game!

As it happens, Blaxsaw won an interesting Philidor game as white, and knightstour won a very tough endgame as black from a French defence.  Pester them until they blog them.  Uni B won 3-1!   Whoo!  Let's hope Uni A can repeat such a performance when they take on the mighty Clifton A!