Dynasty Warrior Chess

Apr 26, 2014, 6:25 PM |

I just came up with this creative idea and thought it was cool too.  Whether you are a dynasty warrior game fans or not, has played or never heard of, please feel free to give in your opinions...:)

*Wei is European related--Shu is Asian & Jewish related--Wu is Russians and Ukranians.

*Notice in Wei each represent a country :)

*In order of highest rating achieved!

Wei--                       Shu--                        Wu--

Carlsen(Cao Cao)     Anand(Liu Bei)           Kramnik(Sun Jian)

Topalov                   Aronian                     Grischuk

Caruana                  Radjabov                   Karjakin

Dominguez              Nakamura                 Morozevich

Kamsky                    Gelfand                    Ivanchuk

Leko                        Mamedyarov             Svidler

Adams                     Wang Yue                 Ponomariov

Shirov                      Wang Hao                Jakovenko

Lagrave                   Giri                          Eljanov

Naiditsch                 So                            Vitiugov

Jobava                    Harikrishna               Nepomniachtchi 

Wojtaszek               Le                            Andreikin


Which team would you pick and why?

Do they seem to be equally in strength?

Who do you think will take the victory?