Attack or develop, tough choice.

Apr 28, 2014, 5:11 AM |

So decided to give it a try to post a match I had at my club. Online I try to avoid playing the scotch opening, as I hope to learn new openings here (and test them). On my club and in tournaments however, scotch is one of my favourite openings and I often try to play it. Now I'm used to standard versions of the scotch, but the game I had last friday made me see a new move, and even though I could find it as a "known" opening variation, I doubt it is viable.

So thought I'd make a small puzzle for what I chose to do next:

So looking at the position I was happy with it. Scotch generally gives me a better structure at a trade of being behind in development. Here I was still slightly behind in development, but with more then just a better structure as advantage (Better structure, pawn up and his king on a bad spot). The problem I then generally have is: How to now go on and use these advantages?
It now really felt like a choice between 2 things:
  • Follow the basic rules of developing pieces, get your king to safety and link your 2 rooks.
  • A weak king, try to attack with each move and do not allow him to go to safety.

Often people tell me I am too defensive, and here as well, I decided to just go for putting my own king to safety and develop my pieces. Analysing this afterwards showed that the "get your king to safety" wasn't a bad idea, but I should've swapped to an attack earlier on (according to an engine).

Anyway, sad to have missed that move. It didn't make the difference between me having a better position versus a worse, but it would've gotten my position into even more clear waters. Anyway, last puzzle on how the game finished.

P.S. First time I try share a game, so any comments are welcome.