When white should attack in Queen pawn game


Queen pawn game, mason attack. Bauer vs. Netzer, 2009.

First 10 moves look very naturally.Both sides almost finished the opening. White didn't yet castle and black had undeveloped bishop and rook on the queen side. But white saw that black made positional blunder. Though big number of pieces on the board, black king has no defend! White decided to attack.

In the next few moves white changed black king's defenders: Nf6 and Bd6 (which moved to e7-f6-e5 - 3 tempos lost!).
Black didn't understand the threats. He was preparing to counterplay by 12 ...Rb8 ( ...b5 etc.).
All white's pieces are ready to attack the black king. White's e5-pawn contols important squares d6 and f6. F-line is open for both white rooks. At this time any of black's pieces defend their's king. Bd7 just disturbs his own queen.
White play fast. Black rook and knight were helpless.
This game shows that "naturally" moves in opening can trap you (or your opponent). Just be carefull!