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    • It's Tourney Time!

           I entered a few tournaments and found I didn't like them. I like the ones in Live Chess, but I am referring to Online Chess. I wrote a post called, "Your Turn Door Knob," that touched base on this topic. Thye whole idea is I like, but don... | Read More

    • Bullet Causes Lack of Integrity and Cheating

      In those fast games where you have just three minutes or less it always comes down to basics. Especially in the one minute games, because you have basic speed moves. By those I mean pre sei moves to expire no clock. I use a basic five moves. I hav... | Read More

    • Just A Game?

           Are you one of those players that says 'it's just a game'?  If you are, I have to agree with the fact, it's a game.  But, I beg to differ, with the 'just' part, of that statement.  If it were just a game, then why is there multiple wo... | Read More

    • Your Turn Door Knob

      This post is for all the one way pieces of crap that are in You folks know who you are, too. Don't you? You have an average move speed of what, maybe 12 days? There is no money being won. There is now super nationally known reward for b... | Read More

    • Blunderful Blunderology

      'Everyone blunders' is a normal saying in chess. I have to agree. I probably have more experience is all. I blunder every so many moves, which luckily for me, is less than one a game. I blunder quite often and most always lose the games that I do ... | Read More

    • Another Form of Cheating II

      I played two separate 500+ rated players in live games...obviously not good players, right....wrong!....when they were ready to check mate me they asked if i seen it in the in game soon as I acknowledged I seen it.....they resigned....n... | Read More

    • Playing Stoned

      I play stoned a whole bunch. Doing so has caused my overall chess game to suffer set backs in overall abilities. Especially when I hit that burned out stage. It does make me more creative in attacks, though. The problem is I may get so into the a... | Read More

    • another form of cheating

           I have a feeling I am being cheated on several accounts. Recently I was wrong about a cheater.  I was wrong because this person simply wasn't cheating but had made a move that made no sense and this person made all kinds of moves that ma... | Read More