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Chess in Black and White Issue 4 "My Game Against GM Naka"

Chess in Black and White Issue 4 "My Game Against GM Naka"

Jan 8, 2014, 9:00 PM 15

Naka just joined the site a couple days ago and I was one of a locky few who have been able to play him in a game. I lasted 60 moves and blundered away a draw after a hard fought game, but it was the game of a lifetime. Here is my anaylsis, please take a look! The time control was unrated 3 days per move, but we finished in just a couple days. He spent very little time on each move, like a simul, while I set up a real board and camped out like a otb tournament game for the day.

Thank you for reading and as always feedback is apreciated. I would also like to thank Naka for taking time out of his busy schedual to join chess.com come and give a few of us mortals a chance to face him.
 Remeber to track me or friend me to make sure you do not miss my future blogs. Later this week I will be posting a double muzio gambit tournament game of mine and then the week in review so stay tuned.
 Once again thank you for reading!
 -Michael Porcelli

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