Chess in Black and White: Issue 5 "A French Miniature"

Chess in Black and White: Issue 5 "A French Miniature"

Jan 10, 2014, 5:45 PM |

I was not able to find my double muzio gambit game, but I did find this fun game from one of my first large tournaments. I know that neither side played great, but enjoy the annotations and tactics. Feel free to coment like always!

Here are some possible continuations, too many to diagram. All of them start from the ending position of the game

Rxf2+, Bf3  Rxf1 mate

Rg1 double check, KxR Rg8+ and is clearly winning tons of material or mate

I also have options without using the discovered check yet such as

Rxe2, QxR Rxf2+ leading to forced mate in 11 or less and gets the queen along the way

Reg8, Bf3 Qg5, leading rght to mate on the g file 

Thank you for reading.
Tomorrow I will post the week in review so keep watching. And remember to send any requests for my future  blogs. I already have a list of topics peole have asked me to cover in the coming weeks. Have a great weekend and good luck in all your games!
Michael Porcelli