My Best Game

May 2, 2008, 4:32 AM |

Here's my best game ever played at

During my first game with a new found friend, I got a good game in the opening until the middle game, but as expected, I cannot properly make use of my advantage leading to a defeat instead of winning.

On our succeeding game, a rematch.... I am very happy that my plans succeeded and my strategies realized.  My first time to beat a strong opponent... but simply because I got lucky. Perhaps he underestimated me or not in a good mood to play.

The feeling of satisfaction filled me, realizing that I'm constantly improving each game. I thank all my friends who supported and gave me tips, and to all members who shared their thoughts in form of forums, puzzles and blog regarding chess tactics.

The biggest part behind my improvement is the chess tactics training here at 

Here it is:


 Life is a continuous learning process, and I hope that we may change not just into a better player but most of all into a much better person that we can be. Good luck and  best regards  to all.